Large Electron/Photon Prototyping PCB for IP67 Waterproof Enclosure

A large (100mm x 100mm) prototyping PCB for the Particle Electron (also suitable for Photon).

  • Fits Takachi WP11-15-4 IP67 enclosure.
  • Optional pole mounting kit makes it idea for outdoor cellular projects.
  • Large breakout area on the lower half.
  • Photon/Electron pins connected to breakout pads either side of the device.
  • Double 1206 pads for D0-D7 and C0-C5 top side for resistor + led combination, useful for diagnostics on pins.
  • External connector holes either side of lower half with double collected holes to allow for easy PCB connection to the connector.
  • 1206 pads linking external connector pads to internal breakout nearest pad to allow for easy link with resistor.
  • 3v3 and GND available down the middle of the breakout area and across the top.
  • 2x SOIC08 8 pin SMD pads with connected holes.
  • 6x M2.5 mounting holes.
  • Reverse mount LED and resistor pads for 3v3 power light.
  • Pads for external power input via DC jack barrel (2.1/2.5mm) or 2 Pin 5mm terminal block and layout for "7805" style buck regulator.
  • Photon/Electron pin function PCB silk screen.
  • 4x 1206 pads for I2C pullups on D0/D1 and C4/C5 pins on bottom layer.
  • Suitable for Electron/Photon/Bluz or other Particle pin compatible devices.

PCB Top Layer
PCB Bottom Layer
PCB All Layers

  • Length: 110mm
  • Width: 100mm
  • Hole 1: 2.8mm at 16,5
  • Hole 2: 2.8mm at 50,5
  • Hole 3: 2.8mm at 84,95
  • Hole 4: 2.8mm at 16,55
  • Hole 5: 2.8mm at 84,55
  • Hole 6: 2.8mm at 16,105
  • Hole 7: 2.8mm at 50,105
  • Hole 8: 2.8mm at 95,105

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